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Change the way people make donations at religious places

India is a land where people follow different religions. All the religions have different faiths and beliefs. The only thing common among all these is People in India a considered open hearted when it comes to donating money in the name of religion. 
        We Indians do believe in donating crores of rupees in religious places but turn our faces when a beggar asks for a rupee. Due to this all the accounts of religious places have millions balance with them. This money is utilized for betterment but not fully. This can be changed if places like temples stop accepting cash donations. If there is an announcement made that donations in the form of clothes, books, food grains, etc only will be accepted then it might work. All the religious places have ample space in their premises. Why not try and utilize this space. If we allow poor people to enter these places, give them proper sanitation, clothes, allow them cook food for themselves as well as others, let their kids learn for free in this premises and in return allot them some work such as cleaning the premises, selling homemade items, manage devotees during rush hours, etc.
        There are many NGO’s as well as people who want to do good to the society but cannot due to lack of resources. Make a formal announcement and invite people from different classes of society in these premises to donate some time for kids, teach them, help others learn some handicrafts or any such things that one specializes in. In this way there will be food, sanitation, education and work for all people. This is just my thinking, might also be a failure. But there is no harm in trying things. Who knows it would work and we will start leaving in a society who cares for each others needs.