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CBSE Schools must change their Summer Vacation Schedule

CBSE schools in India now days are preferred more by parentsthan state board schools. The main reason behind this is the syllabus of CBSEschools, which is designed in such a way that the child gets ready for variousentrance exams till he reaches class 12th. But the only thing thatshould change is the summer vacation schedule.

Most of the CBSE schools complete their routine syllabustill March 2nd week. After that a child get vacation for 15 days orso and in the month of April the school reopens. Again a month long holiday inthe month of May. But this is of no use as the children’s have to preparethemselves for exams in the month of July or August. Then what’s the use of thesummer vacation. Most parents want their child to go to Karate class or learnmusic and dance or learn swimming or go on a holiday, but this is not possibleif the child is in CBSE schools. This is because children have to completetheir homework and prepare for exams. After this the schools reopens in Junejust 7 days before state board schools. Then why a summer break in March andthen in May. Can’t CBSE schools schedule their summer vacations like stateboard schools?

If the child is not allowed to enjoy his vacation, then it’sof no use. Children of CBSE schools watch other children’s of state boardsenjoy vacation. They also feel like playing with them. But time does notpermit.

As a parent I always wonder when my child shall learn otheractivities like swimming, karate, etc.

Our Prime Minister keeps on encouraging children to takepart in sports, participate on behalf of our country. But with the currenteducation scenario this is not possible. I urge the HRD ministry to conduct abrief survey of Parents and take their opinion on this. Summer Vacations arevery important for a child’s extracurricular activities. Books won’t teach themto swim or learn karate for self defence. A small holiday with family andfriends can make them more expressive and learn things from others.

A topic every parent must think about !