" NationFirst Community is for those who Love India and want to improve social and political system of our Country. Your suggestions will help all of us. "

NationFirst is a dedicated team , working for the unity and development of our Nation.

Our Goal :

India is a vast country and all Indians , irrespective of their religious backgrounds and different cultures , should be given equal rights .India’s unity and integrity, its futuristic identity and the social strength, individual character and cultural uniqueness that have been the hallmark of this great country and its people for long .

We are working for the unity and equality among society , as we believe in the principle of “ Justice and development to all ”. When we talks of development, it means , we should experience the change that enables us to fulfil the potential and overall improvement in our daily lives and well-being. With this primary agenda, Our party is armed with futuristic and progressive leadership , aims to transform and empower the weakest and the most neglected sections of Indian society, without any biases for caste, creed or religion.

Today’s India is a young India, where the people are willing to work hard with an assurance of being masters of their own destiny

Our Vision:

A united nation where every citizen gets an equal share of opportunities; where merit and hard work is respected.

Our Main Demands:

  • Reservation Free India
  • Demand Savarn Aayog (Commission for General Caste)
  • Equal Rights for all
  • Demand abolish SC/ST act
  • Free Education to all
Jai Hind